Last week a friend and I made mozzarella cheese, it was really simple. It involved heating milk to a specific degree, adding the proper ingredients (citric acid and rennet), letting it sit, straining off the whey, then heating and kneading it until it was like taffy. That night we made pizza. Last week ricotta was the cheese of choice and we made cannoli. Lasagna was the first thought, but it never quite happened. Next up is yogurt.


Home again

After living in Fairbanks for so long, I started feeling out of place there, or maybe I never quite felt "in place". I thought of leaving on a number of occasions, but didn't quite get around to it. Last February I began the process of leaving.

I started stashing money in far off online accounts, not that I couldn't get to the money, but since it was only accessible online, it felt somehow safer. I put my condo on the market in December 2007, it sold in April 2008. I moved into a dry cabin in Ester, AK until July 22, flying out on a 3:30 flight to Orlando - me, my cat and my friend Karen.

So, here I am. I am so happy to be here in the sun, the hot and the humidity. I grew up in Virginia, I feel like I am home.