I Became That Person

I became that person, you know the one, every neighborhood has them. The one whose dog is not on a leash and dashes out to meet whatever furry creature may be walking down the road.

I've been on the receiving end of this scenario, walking down the road with Bailey on a leash and out of no where a dog comes running at us. Bailey and I had this experience while living in Apex, NC in a cookie-cutter, newer neighborhood full of little dogs. One lady didn't like putting a leash on her little dog and without fail if we walked anywhere near that corner of the park, little Chico would come at us full speed, teeth showing between ferocious barks. It was a whirlwind of excitement as Chico tried to take Bailey down and I tried to keep Bailey from the attacks.

I recently moved back to St. Pete, I live in a nice dog friendly neighborhood and I have a porch that spans the whole front of the house. I love my porch, so does Bailey. 

I became that person the day I was sitting on the porch with Bailey enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the paper. Bailey was laying near my feet, head up, her nose working the air. Little did I know that she was sniffing and plotting, she knew that dog and unsuspecting walker were coming while they were still three houses down. She stands and takes off down the road to find out what was at the end of that fragrant stream that filled her nose, I dart out after, there was no stopping her from attempting to make new friends. 

Now, this scenario could have ended bloody and messy if the dog on the leash was mean and aggressive, but the only emotions came from the startled walker. After what seemed like eons and a handful of expletives, some I deserved, Bailey was in the house and the street returned to quiet.

That very day I ordered a gate for the porch, it arrived at my doorstep two days later. I am no longer that person and I am happy that my reign was short lived. 

Bailey is a nine year old Black Lab (aka Black Spot) who is Dog-in-Chief at Labrador Security.

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